The police don’t know who did it

The buttheads damaged my Army Veteran Sticker. If I ever catch the person, I will be a person they wish they have never met.
The car is in one piece. I’ll need a new ignition and key. I’m thinking of buying a club. It’s too old to be stolen for parts, so hopefully I can find something to deter the stupid joyriders. I’m also thinking of a blinking red LED light to make them think it has an alarm.
My co-workers are surprised that I’m relatively calm. You can be when you have a 5 month EF. So close to the 6 month one. It’s true, this does feel like an inconvenience. And since it’s the second time, I’ve had a practice run, unfortunately.
The Dave way does work. It takes a while but it works. I like the crock-pot method and I’m glad I don’t have to go car shopping this weekend.