Guess who has a corrected statement on the way

After a series of phone calls, an email and a fax yesterday our account was “reviewed” by “Moe” of the three stooges and she blames it all on “Curly” aka: the insurance gal. Her story is they apply payments taken in on a office visit day to that day and it is held in an “insurance bucket” until after insurance pays and then is suppose to be applied to the remainder of that balance after insurance has paid.
Only because dh is at 100% payment with BC the Curly never went in to move the payments out of the insurance bucket. When I asked then why was the one payment partially credited she said “oh she caught that one and put it on the bill that was from before insurance covered 100%” When I asked why just partial when that part was over $600 and there was $160.37 on that payment. She said because the remaining amount had been applied to a smaller “leftover” that paid all but $.80 of that. When I asked what statement that smaller bill was on, she said the one she was mailing me today. This is from January folks, yet it is just now showing up on a statement AFTER 4 months of inquires.
Lucky for her I was familiar with the $5.34 amount because it had been on the BC statement ever since January, as a balance due to the doctor, it simply had never shown up on the statements from the doctor. So I know it is a legit amount, just VERY sloppy bookkeeping.
She did make the mistake of trying to talk down to me in the very beginning by saying “you just need to know how bookkeeping works and you would see this is all normal.”
I stopped her right there and informed her that not only did I understand how bookkeeping works but I have a degree in it ( which I do) and their system is on the creative side of getting in legal trouble and would suggest if they were going to continue to use their “insurance bucket” system they jolly well better start showing that on their statements before someone ends up on the wrong side of the law.
She changed her attitude real fast.
Later on in the conversation she suggested it would have all worked out if I had just paid the bill in full and then their system would have flagged it. I informed her I am not in the habit of knowingly over paying a bill and they shouldn’t be in the habit of expecting customers to because of their sloppy bookkeeping. I also told her they were not getting a single penny more until I get a correct statement with the payments ALL applied to the balance immediately. Then once I have the correct statement I will pay them in full on May 27, 2015, but only if I get the statement prior to the 20th. It is being mailed today, supposedly.
They were also notified I will expect a paid in full receipt at point of payment. She thinks I am mailing it to her, nope I am taking it to the office, demanding a face to face and an immediate receipt. No receipt, no payment.
I am still filing a complaint with BBB. There system is beyond being legit. I wonder how many people they convince to over pay a year and either don’t refund them the difference or drag their feet in doing so.

Libraries offering free digital magazine subscriptions!

One of the first things I removed from my budget when we started DR over 6 years ago were magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Quite truthfully some magazine’s I have missed getting, others I could care less about. Newspapers are interesting to read, but they build up clutter so fast.

I just received a notification that the Tulsa City/County Library now has FREE digital downloads of 140 different popular magazine subscriptions. Ones like Good Housekeeping, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Mother Earth News, Grit, Martha Stewart Living, numerous crafts and news magazines, the list is quite long (140 different ones to be exact). Plus newspapers from all over. Many children’s and Spanish language ones are included. Do it through the library system and not only can you download and keep them for free, (or read them online) but the ones you download are yours to keep.

They are complete magazines and newspapers, which means ads are included, but you can ignore those just the way you do them in a paper version and at least through the library you are not paying for those ads. LOL! I am posting this because if Tulsa Library has it, your library may have or soon will have the same thing. No longer will you need to pay $12.95 if you want a single special Rachael Ray recipe, or a beadwork design you fell in love with, buying quilting magazines to get a single pattern a thing of the past.

Manager- Finance and Logistics

About our Client:
Our client is $1000 loan service, Lend Me 1000, Llc Internet Company is the on of world and USA leader in financial services.

POSITION TITLE: Finance & Logistics Manager, USA
Reports Directly to : General Manager, USA
Reports Functionally to: Chief Financial Officer, Corporate
Location: NY, but should be willing to move to CL if necessary.


1. Responsible for all financial matters related to the operations within USA.
2. Ensure compliance with all statutory financial requirements of USA and with corporate financial guidelines.
3. Responsible for the inventory logistics and control for the operations within USA.

Areas of Responsibility:

• Responsible for accurate and timely records of all accounting matters and entry for business entities within USA.
• Responsible for the management of monthly cashflow for the operations for all business entities within USA.
• Liaising with bank for loan drawdown and other banking requirements.
• To provide accurate and timely monthly financial and management reports.
• Responsible for management and administration of salary payroll for all employees within the entities of USA.
• Ensure that all budgets (revenue and expenses) are maintain and adhere to with integrity.
• Assist in ad-hoc reports and analysis of projects as required for the company’s business
• Responsible for internal and statutory compliance in conjunction with the GM. Tax Audit, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Transfer Pricing Study, tax compliance etc.
• Provide financial administration support for claim processing, reimbursement etc.


• To manage all imports of company merchandise or supplies for the business entities of USA.
• Responsible for the liaison and relationship management with suppliers, custom agents, shippers etc.
• Responsible for the control of the merchandise inventory.
• Coordinate all logistical arrangements for the import of merchandise and other operating items.
• Responsible for the effective management of the contracted warehouse.
• Management of seasonal price lists for all merchandise.



• Tertiary Education and a certified Chartered Accountant.
• Minimum of 5 years in finance and accounting management in the
fashion or service industry.
• Proven relationship management skills.
• Proven experience in budgeting and forecasting.
• Passionate about the luxury fashion/retail industry.
• Knowledge of logistics and warehouse management.


• Strong leadership qualities and good interpersonal skills.
• Analytical and precise in producing reports.
• Detailed Orientated with a “hands on” attitude to getting things done.
• High level of integrity.